Recommended Reading

Hello, one of the questions I am often asked by parents is what they can do to help their children maintain some momentum with their studies during the holidays. While my detailed answers may differ for individual children, invariably my response will begin with Reading! Encouraging a life-long love of reading is one of the most valuable gifts we can give our children. Reading is at the heart of literacy and the words children encounter in their books contribute to extending the vocabulary that can be used in independent written work. As children progress through the Primary years a good knowledge of the British literary tradition will be essential in helping them to perform well in entrance exams to UK Independent Schools,  if this is the route your are considering. In fact, feedback from the UK Independent School Admissions process indicates that it is in the area of Reading Comprehension tests that many non-British children do not do themselves justice. Cultural references and some of the idiomatic language are missed, knowledge which wider reading will help to build. I have worked with Bonas McFarlane, the leading UK education consultants, to give our parents reading lists of novels which will be of help in this area. Please find these lists below.

John Samuel