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    Early Years, Primary & Secondary

  • Early Years

    18 months-5 years+

    In Early Years, the children learn through play. The school adopts the Early Years Foundation Stage developmental matters. Children are observed to check that they are meeting their developmental milestone which are recorded and can be viewed by parents on the electronic journal-Tapestry.

  • Primary

    5 years+-11 years+

    Our children in Key Stages 1 & 2 use the English National Curriculum and take the SATS at the end of Year 6. Children are introduced to Italian in Year 1, in addition to French Language which they learn from early years. Home work is set electronically through Google Classroom.

  • Secondary

    11 years+-16 years+

    Children on Key Stages 3 & 4 use the Cambridge curriculum in preparation for the IGCSE examinations at the end of Year 11. They enjoy lots of opportunities to apply their learning practically through excursions and internship. LPSS is the first CISCO Networking Academy in a secondary school.

  • At LPSS, we nuture our children from 18months through to 16 years+.

    We believe education should be broad and balanced. That is why in addition to the core academice offerings in Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities, we include Sports, Music, Art, Technology and several Languages withing our curriculum.

    The school day begins at 8am with a short break around 10am and a longer lunch break just after 12pm. School closes at 2:40pm with the option of an after school club till 3:45pm.

    We provide a wide range of after school clubs for all ages so everyone can develop their interests.

    To deliver an integrated British curriculum in a nurturing environment for students, parents and staff of all nationalities that fosters critical thinking, creativity, physical and social development.

    We aspire to be an outstanding British International School developing community minded responsible global citizens.

    Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Community, and Creativity

  • Achievements


      LPSS celebrates 100% A*, A and B Grades in her first IGCSE Examination and 90% Pass in her Year 6 SATs Examination


      Congratulations to all the LPSS students who took The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) theory examinations resulting in 100% pass for the school.


      Thank you to our staff, parents and students for adapting so well to these unusual times and for working together to make our e-learning so successful.


      We are extremely proud of our first set of students to take the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts exams (LAMDA). Every single student attained a distinction grade resulting in a 100% distinction for LPSS.

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    • “Thank you LPSS. It is only great schools that foster and nurture their students’ talents, for this we are forever grateful”

      Karen Mwanza
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