About LPSS
  • Our School provides day facilities for boys and girls aged 18 months to 16+ years who are taught to the requirements of the English National Curriculum. The school is equipped to a high standard with specialist provision for ICT, science, music, drama, art, cookery and special educational needs, providing all the facilities needed to teach a broad and balanced curriculum. The school has a comprehensive reading scheme and an up to date state of the art library and media resource centre plus an excellent range of sporting facilities and resources which are used to carefully match the abilities and ages of the children.
  • Headmaster’s Welcome

    Welcome! I am delighted that you are considering Lagos Preparatory & Secondary School for your child’s education. This website details a wide range of information about LPSS. However, it is only by visiting us that you will experience the vibrancy and special spirit in our school.

    At Lagos Preparatory & Secondary School, we are proud to bring our motto ‘Non Sibi Omnibus’ ‘not for oneself but for all’ to life every day, in everything we do. As a whole school community of pupils, parents, staff and directors, we work in a supportive partnership to achieve the very highest quality British preparatory education. Keeping ‘Non Sibi Sed Omnibus’ at the heart of our endeavours enables us to create a unique atmosphere in which our children thrive. Indeed, in 2010, we became the world’s first international school to achieve the Every Child Matters (ECM) standards award in recognition of our caring ethos and approach to pupils learning. Your child will be encouraged to develop self respect and confidence, to think independently and to value others.

    At LPSS they will enjoy an educational experience which will be stimulating and challenging. They will gain skills and attributes to fully prepare them for their future studies and beyond, and for achieving rewarding roles in their professional lives.

    The commitment of our experienced team of highly talented teachers drives our academic excellence. S.A.T.s results are consistently outstanding with the majority of our children exceeding the demands of the British National curriculum’s expectations in exam performance. Our reputation for academic rigor is built on teacher’s carefully differentiated lesson planning and meticulous attainment tracking. It is this dedication and expertise which enables us to unlock each child’s optimal potential. In February 2016 we achieved an excellent I.S.I. report.

    In recognition of these high standards Lagos Preparatory & Secondary School became the first British International School in Africa to exceed all the required standards in our latest DfE (London) school inspection. In addition, as members of the independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS, UK) and the Council of British Independent Schools (COBIS), LPSS is currently the most accredited British Prep School in Africa.

    One of the most important gifts we can give our children is an outstanding education. In considering Lagos Preparatory & Secondary School you are making an important step in securing a rewarding investment in your child’s future. I hope to meet you and your child at LPSS soon, in the meantime, if you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

    John Samuel


  • We thank you for your interest in Lagos Preparatory School, Ikoyi.

    On 2 May 2002 the vision of 18 founding member families to provide children with a first class primary school education in the English tradition was realized. The founders set high educational standards but also wanted the school to be a “happy school” where service to others and a sense of responsibility and personal integrity would always be borne in mind and perated through a “not for profit” foundation, the school has remained true to those aims ever since, and an unprecedented community spirit has driven this vision until the stage where “Lagos Preparatory & Secondary School” has become without question the leading establishment in its class.

    The vision is strengthened daily by the fresh commitment of like-minded people and we welcome you warmly

  • Learning Support at LPSS.

    Throughout their time in school, the progress of individual children is closely monitored. We are prepared to support any child that may be identified as having specific occasional or mild needs in one or more areas over time.

    A child may need specific support because of learning difficulties, or may be Gifted and Talented and need appropriate extension work. Acquiring a new language might also present its challenges for children learning English as an Additional Language. Individual education plans will be drawn up in consultation with the parents in these cases. We however cannot guarantee learning support facilities for children with severe learning difficulties.

  • FAQs

    How old is LPSS?

    LPSS Started on 2nd May 2002 and thus has been in existence for 17 years.

    Who owns LPSS?

    LPSS was founded by a group of parents who wanted to provide top British education for their children. These parents still serve as board of directors of the school.

    What are the school hours?

    School begins at 8am and ends at 2:40pm with the option of after school club activities from 2:45pm till 3:45pm. School gates open at 7:30am and children should be in school by 8am. All children must be picked up from school by 4pm.

    What co-curricular activities are available at LPSS?

    In addition to the core academics, LPSS places a premium on raising well rounded children and thus offers sports and swimming, music, languages, technology and art within the school curriculum. Children can continue to build on their interests.

    What after school club options are available?

    There are a wide range of clubs from sporting to drama and music, to subject based or creative clubs-there is something for every child. Click here to download our club list for this term.

    Does LPSS offer school bus facilities?

    No, children are dropped off and picked up by their parents.

    Are there boarding facilities?

    LPSS is a day school in the heart of Ikoyi which makes for easy commute from most places.

    Where do most members of the LPSS family live?

    Most members of the LPSS family live in Ikoyi, Victoria Island and various parts of Lekki. Some families also come from various locations on the Mainland.

    Does the school provide lunch and snacks?

    Parents are encouraged to pack a snack for their children but the school provides an optional meal for children who subscribe. Click here to download our lunch menu.

    How many breaks do the children get?

    There is a short break around 10am and a longer lunch break from 12 noon.

    What exams are taken at LPSS?

    Each year, the children take internal exams and GL progress test to benchmark their performance with those of children around the world. At the end of Year 6, the children take the UK SATS and DELF (French) exams. At the end of Year 11, the children take the IGCSE exams. Children can also opt to take the ABRSM music exams.

    What were the results from previous exams?

    Over the last few years, LPSS has recorded a 100% pass rate in the English SATS and over 90% pass in Maths. Similarly, 100% of the students passed the DELF exams and the lowest score recorded at the last ABRSM exam was 82% with all students gaining distinctions and merits.

    Do you charge in dollars?

    NO. LPSS invoices termly in Naira.

    What is the population of the school?

    There are over 350 students in the school

    How international is the school?

    LPSS has staff and students from over 30 different countries

    How many are in a class?

    LPSS classes are an average of 12-15 with the maximum number of 16 most classes. There are a handful of larger rooms that can accommodate a maximum of 24.

    How many adults are in a class?

    In EYFS, there is a minimum of 3 adults in each room with more in the younger age groups. There is a class teacher and assistant teacher in primary classes and a class teacher in the secondary classes.

    What qualification do LPSS teachers have?

    LPSS teachers and assistant teacher are graduates with the teachers having teaching qualifications as well.

    How does LPSS enforce discipline?

    We have a pastoral system that works through the houses. Behavioural concerns are raised with the head of house and escalated to the head of pastoral if necessary. Good behaviour is reinforced with house points and cool kids stamps.

    Does LPSS give a lot of homework?

    There is a homework timetable which is followed and thus, parents know what to expect. Homework is usually given using the online application ‘Google Classroom’.

    How do you communicate with parents?

    In early years, a communication book is sent home everyday and the home school diary is sent home from Reception. There is an online journal (Tapestry) which is used to upload information about the child’s activities at school for Early Years and Google Classroom is used from Year 1. Weekly updates are sent to parents via email and text messages and the school Newsletter is sent home every Friday. There is also a termly parents conference where parents have an opportunity to discuss their children’s progress with the teachers.

    Is there an application deadline?

    We admit children all year round subject to available spaces but we advise you apply as soon as possible to secure a place.