• Home Economics at LPSS.

    From Year 4, the students will add Home Economics lessons to their timetable. They will have one lesson a cycle where they will work with food, and be taught how to cook and bake as they apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. We hope to instil a love of cooking in the students whilst allowing them to express themselves as they get creative in the kitchen. We value the crucial life skill that enables pupils to feed themselves and others affordably and well, now and in later life. Students will be expected to use the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare dishes and understand where food comes from. They should also understand and apply these principles as they cook a variety of predominantly savoury dishes using a range of cooking techniques.

    From Year 7, alongside developing their skills in preparing dishes from around the world students will also explore skills and techniques involved in using Ankara material to make a range of products. These will range from simple pillow cases to more complex bags and purses as their skill level increases. These techniques will be utilised in a cross curricular project with Business studies where they will take their designs, market them and sell their products to raise money and awareness for a chosen charity.