• Humanities at LPSS.

    Humanities at LPSS aims to we help students understand the past and the world around them.

    Specialist teachers offer History and Geography following the National Curriculum for England and Wales.

    However we believe it is important for students to understand the history and geography they see around them and generally compare with the situation in Nigeria, where this is possible.  In the Michaelmas Term, our ‘Black History Week’ focuses on black heroes and significant national and international events.

    Business Studies, taught from Year 7, enables our students to gradually develop business concepts and vocabulary.  To augment textbook learning, the course includes guest speakers and trips. To prepare our students for life beyond school, we organise a ‘business project’ each year where Years 7 and 8 prepare a business plan, make products and sell them.  In Year 9 LPSS learners also take part in a ‘Work Internship’ for first-hand job experience.

    In Year 10 pupils may also select Economics and Accountancy for IGCSE.