• Sports at LPSS.

    Sport is given high priority in LPSS within the curriculum through P.E lessons for all children; as optional after school clubs and on a competitive level through the LPSS sports’ squads.  Sporting activities within the school include but are not limited to Football, Athletics, Mini-touch Rugby, Basketball, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Handball, Karate, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Roller skating, Dance, Cheerleading amongst others.

    Our children take part in the annual Sports’ Day and Swimming Gala where all students have a chance to take part in at least one activity and compete against each other. This serves as an added opportunity to identify talent within the school.

    Our PE team organizes sports development programs for all children through the Half Term Sports clinics which is held during all half term holidays and for the LPSS squads through their morning and weekend trainings. The development programme requires exposing the team to competitive sporting so we organise friendly competitions with other schools and take part in local leagues like the Dolphin Swimming League, International Primary School Football League, AISEN and Headmaster’s Cup. On an international level, our children compete at the COBIS and World School Games competitions in Dubai and around the world.